Day hospital

Since the beginning of 2020, the hospital has been operating a day hospital department for the subject population.
Our goal is to make the most of all the opportunities provided by the State for the treatment and recovery of our patients.

The department employs: Head, 4 nurses, head nurse

The day hospital department has 5 beds

Located in a separate building

About the department

Types of examination carried out on the basis of the day hospital department:


— Laboratory examinations: UBC, OAM, BHAK, Coagulogram, ELISA for thyroid hormones;

— Instrumental examinations (X-ray, ECG, ultrasound of the abdominal organs and thyroid gland, echocardiography, FGDS);

— Consultations of narrow specialists: Cardiologist, Neuropathologist, Urologist, Oculist, Surgeon, Dentist, Psychotherapist, Physiotherapist;

— Physiotherapy.




For whom?


— Persons injured as a result of nuclear tests (LPII-S). Citizens who lived, worked or served (including military service) on the territory of the nuclear test site, had a preferential socio-economic status from 1949 to 1990.

— Persons who took part in 1986-1989 in eliminating the consequences of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (LPII-Ch).

— Employees sent to Afghanistan in the period from December 1, 1979 to December 1989. Internationalist wars (WI), Participants in hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh.

— Persons equated to UVOV: UTF.




Branch Fund


All specialists have qualification certificates. The department’s doctors, as well as nursing staff, regularly undergo advanced training and participate in republican, regional and international conferences.

Our specialists