Rehabilitation Department

The multidisciplinary rehabilitation department of our hospital for veterans of the Patriotic War has been operating since 2018. The goal of the department is to make maximum use of all the opportunities provided by the state for the treatment and recovery of our patients.

The department employs: Head of the department, orthopedic traumatologist, nurse

The rehabilitation department has 20 beds

Located on the 4th floor of the hospital

About the department

Methods of treatment carried out on the basis of the department:

— Physiotherapy;
— exercise therapy;
– Massage;
— Acupuncture;
— Recovery after ischemic, hemorrhagic stroke;
— Improving coordination of hand and finger movements (fine motor skills);
— Increased amplitude and strength in the leg muscles;
— Restoration of function of the upper and lower extremities in case of spinal injury;
— Restoring the function of the upper limbs after injuries, burns, orthopedic surgeries;
— Strengthening the upper limbs of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.

According to the indications of patients, specialists of a narrow profile advise: Rehabilitologist, Neuropathologist, Cardiologist, Psychotherapist,

Physiotherapist, Speech therapist.




For whom?


Patients subject to hospitalization:

— After a stroke (within 9 months from the onset of the disease); — After heart surgery, myocardial infarction (CABG, stenting, valve replacement), (within 9 months from the onset of the disease);

— After operations on the hip, knee joints (joint replacement), (within 9 months from the onset of the disease);

— After operations on the brain and spine (removal of herniated discs, removal of tumors), (within 9 months from the onset of the disease.




Branch Fund


All specialists have qualification certificates. The department’s doctors, as well as nursing staff, regularly undergo advanced training and participate in republican, regional and international conferences.

Our specialists