Guaranteed volume of free medical care

— Emergency medical care, including medical aviation.


— Primary health care, including diagnosis, treatment, preventive examinations, sanitary-anti-epidemic and sanitary-preventive measures in outbreaks of infectious diseases.


— Specialized medical care in an outpatient setting, including the prevention and diagnosis of HIV infection and tuberculosis, emergency services, diagnosis and treatment of socially significant and chronic diseases.


— Specialized medical care in inpatient conditions, including treatment for socially significant and chronic diseases, as well as hospital services at home.


— Specialized medical care in a hospital setting, including treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases that pose a danger to others
and suspicions about them.


— Provision of medicines, including medical devices, immunobiological medicines for the provision of emergency and specialized care to primary health care institutions in accordance with the list of diseases against which preventive vaccinations and specialized medical care are carried out on an outpatient basis.