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We are looking for talented and dedicated professionals,

ready to join our medical team in a clinical hospital for veterans

of the Patriotic War.

We have open vacancies for doctors of various specializations, nurses, medical assistants and other specialists.

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Our mission –

professional care

for each patient

Our values

Respect and care

We remember the undeniable

contribution to the protection

of national interests and perceive patients as partners during treatment


We adhere to high standards of service medical care, our staff regularly improves their skills


We value everyone’s contribution

employee in a common cause,

and so we actively help young specialists acquire skills and invaluable experience


Functional responsibilities:

– manages the work of nurses and cleaners in keeping the premises of a healthcare institution (unit) clean and tidy, provides the serviced unit with household equipment, special clothing, hygiene items, stationery, detergents, bed and underwear for patients;
– changes gowns and towels for employees;
– draws up requests for repairs of premises, equipment, inventory and monitors its implementation;
– provides the catering unit (dining room) with equipment, utensils and ensures their correct labeling and use;
– maintains accounting and reporting documentation;
– competently and timely executes orders, instructions and instructions from the management of the institution, as well as regulatory legal acts related to his professional activities;
– complies with internal regulations, fire and safety regulations, sanitary and epidemiological regime;
– promptly takes measures, including timely informing management, to eliminate violations of safety regulations, fire safety and sanitary rules that pose a threat to the activities of the hospital, its employees, patients and visitors;
– comply with safety rules, labor protection and internal labor regulations of the hospital.


Personal qualities

• Independence and responsibility;
• Discipline;
• Accuracy;

Functional responsibilities:

– conducts an examination of the volume and quality of medical care provided.
– controls the implementation of the volume of medical services provided in the hospital. Conducts a retrospective analysis of therapeutic and diagnostic measures, develops programs for managing the quality of medical care in the hospital.
– interacts with medical and social expert commissions. Introduces innovative technologies in serving the population. Studies the degree of quality of medical services provided to the population, based on the results of the analysis, solves problems (complaints) of patients on the spot.
– ensures timely and high-quality execution of medical documentation.
– complies with medical ethics, internal labor regulations, fire safety, occupational safety and health, sanitary and epidemiological regulations.
– systematically improves his professional qualifications.
– bears personal responsibility for compliance with anti-corruption legislation, and for taking measures to prevent manifestations of corruption on his part and those subordinate to him.


Personal qualities

• Responsibility;
• Punctuality;
• Independence and responsibility;
• Systems thinking;
• Stress resistance;

Functional responsibilities:

– serve visitors at the table;
– set tables and serve dishes;
– control the timeliness of preparation and presentation of dishes before serving;
– promptly change tablecloths and napkins as they become dirty;
– remove dirty dishes and cutlery from tables, wipe tables clean and dry;
– decorate the hall and set tables according to festive and current events;
– keep your workplace and the hall for visitors in perfect order and cleanliness;
– conduct monthly inventory of dishes;
– be attentive and polite, follow the internal rules;
– be dressed in uniform;
– take a creative approach to your immediate responsibilities, try to be useful to the hospital in its current economic activities. Show reasonable constructive initiative;


Personal qualities

• Discipline;
• Accuracy;
• Multitasking;